I’m a food anthropologist studying the ways food, texts, and money circulate in the German recipe industry.  I’m a PhD student in Anthropology at Indiana University Bloomington and fellow of the Ostrom Workshop, and my work has been published in Food and Foodways and Gastronomica.  I graduated with my Master’s degree in Gastronomy (Food Studies) from Boston University in 2019, having hosted a series of Nostalgia Dinners and written my thesis on how food is used in response to trauma, and I hold a Bachelor’s in Egyptology from Brown University.  When I’m away from my desk, I’m likely either reading a mystery or working on an analog photography project.  I use any pronouns.

To see what I’m thinking and writing about lately, check out my blog on this site.

All photos on this site are taken by Ariana Gunderson unless otherwise attributed.

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