About the Nostalgia Dinner Series

In my Nostalgia Dinner Series, I host dinner parties with the goal of exploring food nostalgia.  At a Nostalgia Dinner, a small group gathers in my home, each participant bringing a dish that evokes ‘nostalgia’ for them. This dish can be anything, from Cheez-its, to a mango lassi, to roast duck.  As we taste each others food memories, we wrestle with the concepts of food nostalgia and learn to think about our food in new ways.

Want to host your own Nostalgia Dinner? Here are some tools and suggestions to get you started! (Be sure to tell me how it goes.)

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I’ve presented on this project at a few conferences, and you can find those resources here.

This project has been reviewed and approved as exempt by the Boston University Institutional Review Board.  Protocol number: 4813X. All names have been changed.