Conference Presentations

AFHVS / ASFS 2018, University of Wisconsin-Madison

At the annual joint meeting of the Agriculture, Food and Human Values Society and the Association for the Study of Food and Society, I presented a paper titled Dinner Parties: A Research Site for Food Memory.  In case you missed it, I’ve shared the text of my talk below.

Dinner Parties: A Research Site for Food Memory

The Future of Food and Nutrition, Tufts 2018

I presented this poster at the 2018 Tufts Graduate Student Conference: The Future of Food and Nutrition.  In this poster, I argue for the Dinner Party as a research method, and use my Nostalgia Dinner Series as an example.  This poster was voted “Best Poster” by the conference attendees.


You’ll notice this was an interactive poster presentation; in the bottom right-hand corner, I posed questions to conference attendees around what they would bring to a Nostalgia Dinner, and why that dish is nostalgic for them.  By the end of the presentation, that part of the poster was full of bright sticky notes of responses.

Download the Poster by Clicking Here