The Illegitimate Tent: My article published in Food and Foodways!

It turns out I had quite a bit to say about these domes! I’ve had an article published in the scholarly journal Food and Foodways (a significant career milestone for me!) that explores what these domes say about inequality in San Francisco and the contested boundary between public and private space. This article is a part of the journal’s new COVID feature, Reflections on Food and the Pandemic. Here’s the link to read the article online.

This entire project would never have happened were it not for the exploratory writing space of this blog and the help of very good friends. I first heard about the domes in an article, and was immediately fired up with so much to say; I started composing a blog post, and then realized I wanted to write far more than could fit on this blog! I had about a week until the Food and Foodways deadline, and decided to dive headfirst into fieldwork, outlining, writing, and editing – I finally came up for air a week later after submitting the article and crossing my fingers. I am so grateful to Taylor Parrish, Sarah Critchley, and Alex Rogala for their close readings and support during this feverish burst of study and writing, and to the editors of Food and Foodways for making space for timely writing about food and COVID.

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