Text and Visual Context

Last summer was my first foray into the field for my dissertation research on the German recipe industry. I set out to study how recipe authors transform the fragrant, splatteringly sensorial experience of cooking into tidy prose, and I learned so much from my interviews and observation.

The biggest surprise of the summer was the importance of photography to the recipe genre – my interlocutors considered the photograph not an auxiliary but a centerpiece of their work.

To read more about this reflection, visit the website for the Society of the Anthropology of Europe, which supported my preliminary research and just published a fieldwork reflection I wrote earlier this week.

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  1. Teri G Romanek says:


    Thank you for including me on this journey with you. I like your reference to pictures and text, for me the pictures and text often times is the extent of my participation. You say it so well.

    Your birthday is coming up this week. I think back fondly to all the memories I have of you. You have accomplished so much in your young life. You are a treasure to me. Your zest for life is an inspiration. So disjointed is this writing, but it mainly says I love you.

    Aunt Teri

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