Stealing Recipes? Symposium Recording

The symposium I organized at IU last Friday on recipe theft was a joy and a success. The recipe workshop was both enlightening and delicious (more on that to come soon!) and the online response to our panel presentations was tremendous. I’m so grateful to all of the friends and family who have supported me and shown up for me in many ways to make this dream of a symposium come true.

Watch the symposium by clicking here!

Here is a digital copy of the agenda distributed at the live event:

The four papers presented on our panel fit together more perfectly than I could have expected, each coming from a different vantage point on the persnickety issues of ownership and theft in recipe writing. We discussed voice, nationalism, belonging, and copyright for recipes online and in print across the world and across the centuries. I hope you enjoy the recording of these papers, available on YouTube here.

Thank you to the Ostrom Workshop, the Association for the Study of Food and Society, IU Anthropology, and IU Food Studies for funding this event.

Cover photo credit: Alex Rogala. Huge thanks to Alex also for managing our provisioning and livestream.

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